Online track mastering

Send your tracks via to us at Include any notes you may have on a separate text or word document.

Please see the Track guidelines section below before sending through your tracks.

All of your tracks will be sent back to you via wetransfer, as 44khz 16bit .WAV files and 192kbit MP3 files. We do not offer a PQ encoded CD with online mastering. Please see our Studio CD mastering rates here if you require a CD encoded for duplication purposes.

If you haven’t yet used up your Free online track master and you require a number of tracks mastering at the same time then we’ll knock the price off down by one track e.g. 5 tracks in total, one free and 4 at our current online mastering rates.


See our online mastering rates

Track guidelines

Your track(s)…

1) should peek no louder than -6db. Any track that digital clips at 0db will need a re-mix at lower levels.

2) should not be bounced with any limiting or compression across the mix outputs.

3) should not be bounced with any multi-band limiting or multi-band compression across the mix outputs.

4) should be in .WAV or .AIFF format.

5) should be in stereo.

6) should be bounced at a minimum resolution of 44khz – 16bit. Ideally 48khz – 24bit or greater.

7) should have a filename including track and the band name e.g. EXPLODING TROUSERS by MRBIGPANTS.WAV

8) should not be over 8 minutes in length (unless you’re Queen)

9) should be the correct length with no long pause pre or post track.

10) should include fades if you require them, either at the beginning and/or the end. We will not adjust the length of any volume fades at the beginning or the end of your track – although we may tinker a little just to compensate for any background noise that may arise from the mastering process.

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