Audio book & full cast dramas

Our live rooms are the perfect environment for recording pristine, echo free vocals. What’s more we can have up to eight different microphone positions, with plenty of separation even for the most complex of editing.

Up to sixteen channels of top quality microphone signal is fed in to our broadcast quality pre-amps, where the signal is digitised and captured as standard .WAV files.

We can provide your audio files in most common formats. We can adhere to the correct content for upload to Amazon’s ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), or for uploading to the internet for immediate download and use anywhere that you require. You may also wish to take your recordings with you on DVD, CD or memory stick, as an .MP3, .WAV or both.

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The RME Micstacy pre-amps
Neumann microphone at Audio Sorcery


Using our beautiful Neumann microphone we can record a voice-over for you. Whether it’s a pre-recorded telephone message you’re after, a radio commercial, or voice parts for a computer game release, we’ll capture every nuance in high detail. We can mix the final edit out with EQ and compression if you need that rich, full sound to cut through any music track.

We can add backing music to your edited voice-over. This can be either purchased from the many libraries found on the internet, or we can offer you a unique composition based on your requirements. We can also add sound FX where needed.

We can provide your voice-over files on CD/DVD to take away for editing and sound design elsewhere, or we can upload them directly to a file sharing site for fast downloading where it’s needed.

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Bands, duos and soloists

By first capturing the whole band playing live primarily to get the drums spot on, and by a process of then overdubbing each musician in turn to get the best take of their performance, we record your tracks with great feel and sonic fidelity.

If many tracks are to be recorded in just one day then we’ll aim to do less overdubbing, sticking to just re-tracking vocals and backing vocals. This will speed up the recording process and still allow us time to mix.

Audio Sorcery has the ability and professionalism for any recording scenario whether capturing twenty-one live demo tracks in a day (record set by the band “Malarki” in July 2006) or by having a full on production day with just the one track.

Acoustic guitar at Audio Sorcery recording studios

Singer Songwriter production

We can compose and play instruments to accompany your guitar or piano based music. We can even add or create harmonies to your singing melody if that is required.

Real instruments to compliment your track, played by the producer for your session, can include drums, piano, electric and upright bass, electric, acoustic and classical guitar. Programming electronic instruments widens the spectrum further with sounds from strings and parts thereof, to vintage synths and drum machines. We’ll discuss further at the time of your booking to get a clear indication of how you’d like your track to sound.

Various recording techniques are available to hand, so you can sing either while playing the guitar/piano, or sing after your playing has been recorded (what we call in the trade multi-tracking or over-dubbing).

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Studio CD mastering

The mastering process involves various techniques to bring the best out of each track. We’ll increase the perceived volume you hear, and balance the levels against one another for seamless album or EP mastering. All the tracks are then compiled on to a red book standard encoded CD, complete with track markers and pauses between tracks – and a hidden track if that takes your fancy.

Sit with our engineer as we go through each track so you can have final say on it’s sound.

Original music sources can be from .WAV files, .AIFF files or from Audio CD.

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Online mastering

Send your tracks and notes to us via a file sending service such as We’ll master them and send them back as .WAV files and .MP3 files. This service usually takes around 48 hours.

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CD Duplication

We provide a small run service for between 10 and 100 CDs, printed in full colour and inside white windowed wallets.

Our CD duplicators verify every copy so you can be sure of no duds.

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Gift voucher for recording experience

Recording experience gifts

We have a large selection of popular backing tracks to choose from, and we can offer you personalised gift vouchers to give to family, friends and loved ones. See our recording experience gift website called Gift Daze for extensive details about the studio sessions available and online purchasing.

Gift Daze recording studio experiences



Pop Star Party

Move over 1D! Make way Ms Swift! The red carpet is waiting for you at our professional Recording Studios in Tunbridge Wells! We’ll make you and your friends instant pop star sensations for the day. Our producer will introduce you all to the fantastic world of recording artists, ready to cut your chosen song on to CDs. Dress up too as they’ll be a photo shoot to create your unique CD artwork.

Visit our Pop Star Party website


Pop Star Party